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Auld Lang Syne

The White Peacock on the Branch [1] / By 2020.06.28

Tongxue,Qian ge mingzi ba,Huanying Jiaru Zhongguo Tongxuehui.
Sorry I cant understand.
Oh,She think you are from China. We are students of the Chinese Students Association in our University. So which country are you from?
I come from Fareast too,I think we'll be friends in the future.I purposely use the back tongue pronunciation to them at that time. I said goodbye and walked to Eva not far away.
Keneng shi Gaoli bangzi ba,Ribenren yinggai meiyou zheme gaode gezi.Another boy's voice came to my ear.
I can understand every word they say, because Mandarin is my mother language, and their accent is not as pure as mine. They may not expect that every word they say is actually understood by me.
Feaclo,Are those your friends? That Asian girl is very beautiful.Eva said to me with a bad smile.
They think I'm Chinese, let me join their classmates' meeting.
Oh, I've been here for more than two years. All the Chinese I've met wear glasses with no exception. How can you be Chinese? Aren't you Korean?
It's complicated. Actually, I was born in Beijing, the capital of the people's Republic of China, but now I'm applying from Singapore to study at Rice and get a scholarship, so it's better to deal with them as little as possible.
In the afternoon, are you going to join the Koreans to play basketball against the Cubans?
Of course, my dear Eva,so which team do you support,Your Cubans or those Koreans?
Why don't say OUR KOREANS?
Because I'm not a member of the Republic of Korea. It's complicated too. There are millions Korean people living in China for thousands years and more living in many countries in Asia. We don't think we belong to one of the two countries on the Korean Peninsula.
It's amazing. Which country do you think you belong to?
In fact, when I was in Moscow a few years ago, I lived with the Mongolians, so it's my destiny to come to this Mongolia City on the Atlantic coast. You should know that the academic name of our yellow people is Mongoloid. My small eyes are not liked in China, but they are like this in Mongolia plateau and Korean Peninsula.
It's like my experience. I don't want to mention that I left Cuba when I was a child. I always want others to think that I was Hispanic born here.
One day in the future, you will take me to walk in Havana. How I want to see the place where you grew up, my dear little Eva.
Jang Jo Hyeok,ohu nonggujang eseo bo ja, jeo geom eun nyeoseok deul eul cheochi ha ja.My roommate Kim Seong Min patted me on the shoulder.
na neun dangyeonhi it ji an eul geot ida. geuraeseo u ri neun jeomsim e puk swieo ya handa. uri bang eneun dareun saram i eop ji?I winked to Kim.
Eva, will you cheer for Feaclo or Cubans this afternoon?Ryu Seung Mi,Kims girlfriend asked.
Of course I support our comrades.Eva replied.
Shh, Eva, ellos no saben que soy de la China Roja.I whispered to Eva.
Oh, cuidado con lo que digo.Eva said.
A COMRADE will join us In the afternoon, Jeong Dae Se,He's from Pyongyang.
Wo, it's so cool.
It was the winter of 1996. Professor May and I had only one phone call interview. He sent me an offer though I didn't get GRE score half a month ago, The sociology major is not so good for finding students those years. What's more, I was a dropout of Moscow University and graduated from a Commercal College in the best province of Southern China. I personally experienced the great changes of the early 1990s that he dreamed of.
The subtropical climate of lone star Republic is delightful. For me, who has been wandering in the coastal cities of Southeast Asia for many years, there is no discomfort at all. This is the first time that I have come to this continent legally. My feet set foot on this land in the daytime. In the eyes of boatman, there is nothing to stop us like border, frontier, soldiers and police.
Eva is two years younger than me. She is not as tall and strong as her same nationality. We walk together very well. She is also black hair and black eyes, her skin color is very light. If it is not that her eye socket are deep, her nose is high, her lips are thick, she is also like an oriental girl. At that time, yellow cross-ethnic love was rare, so we were a scenic spot on campus. Although I always drive Kim out from dormitory so that I can be alone with Eva, in fact, there is no such thing between us like they thought, because I always think that we can only do that thing when we promise each other that we will always be together.
The university I studied has just passed the 100th anniversary of its founding, It's very famous in this continent. They are very quiet and many trees with a history of hundreds years. The typical southern architectural complex in the campus is not strange to me who is familiar with the ancient city of Europe. The sports ground is everywhere, which makes me quickly get a lot of friends.

So,Which country do you think you belong to?Eva woke me up.
Here's a song you must have heard when you were a kid.I summoned my courage.
Debout ! les damns de la terre,
Debout ! les forçats de la faim,
La raison tonne en son cratre,
Cest lruption de la fin,
Du pass faisons table rase,
Foule esclave,debout ! debout !
Le monde va changer de base,
Nous ne sommes rien,soyons tout !
Ouvriers,Paysans,nous sommes,
Le grand parti des travailleurs,
La terre nappartient quaux hommes,
L'oisif ira loger ailleurs.
Combien de nos chairs se repaissent !
Mais si les corbeaux,les vautours,
Un de ces matins disparaissent,
Le soleil brillera toujours !
Cest la lutte finale,
Groupons nous et demain,
Sera le genre humain.

The White Peacock on the Branch [2] / By 2020.06.29

Ni jiao shenme mingzi?Shi nage xiaoxue de?
wo jiao Zhang Sanhe,yiersan de san,he jiushi liangge chi zi,chichenghuangl de chi.Wo shi Haidian Qu Dazhongmiao Xiaoxue de,Ni ne?
His name is Yan Yingen,I would not have thought that the boy I met at the age of 10 had completely changed my destiny.My art teacher in our school, now I can't remember his or her name,recommended me to another primary school to learn sketch course held by Beijing Children's Palace in the summer holiday.The primary school is located in a unit of the General Staff of the PLA in Xiaoxitian Street named Xinghuo Xiaoxue (primary school) because the classroom in Jingshan Park was under maintenance.Yan came from Huangchenggen Xiaoxue in Xicheng District,Our seats are next to each other.It was the farthest jorney I'd ever traveled alone. It took me three quarters to walk from home to school for five weeks just one day off. Each course lasted 90 minutes,sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon.Because sometimes it takes several people to complete a relatively large work, so a whole day is also a regular thing.
One Saturday morning, it was no time to start class. Yan said to me, let's go to a very interesting place.It's on the edge of the Moat only ten minutes' journey. I was a timid boy so I wanted to refuse him but I thought painting every day was really boring,so I agreed with him.
Bai Kongque Yishu Shijie (White Peacock Art World) is the name of this shop,It's still in the original position, but it's not as important as before.Many foreigners came here to buy Chinese specialties. At that time, Chinese people were not allowed to enter at will.I was very surprised at the beautiful Chinese paintings, silk, embroidery, ivory carving and Cloisonne displayed in the showcase window.But I didn't dare to go inside.
Xiaoenza,Lai la,haojiu mei qiaojian ni xiaoyating de le.The voice of a big boy appeared in my ear.
Yo,Wuge ya,nin jinerge guolai la,wo dai yi gemener lai chouchouYan replied.
It's the first time I've heard Yan speak pure Beijing dialect.In fact, we almost don't speak it at home or at school. Maybe it's because I lived on campus since I was a child. We all speak standard Putonghua which basically doesn't have a r-inflection.
Saner,jiao Wuge.Wuge,zhei shi Zhangsaner,ta zhen jiao Zhangsaner,ta daminger jiao Zhang Sanhe.Yan introduced us to each other.
Zhang is the most used surname in China,San means three or third,Zhang San is a popular nickname in China,there are a lyrics almost all Chinese know are Zhang San, I ask you, where is your hometown?So Yan made these instructions to show that he was not joking to perfunctory Wuge (the Fifth Brother).
Wuge seemed to be a senior high school student. He was smoking and wearing a white shirt. We were also wearing a white shirt, because almost all the students in 1980s were wearing white shirts in Beijing.The students who smoke were certainly not good students, which I knew very well.So I still wanted to go back to school.I took a look at Yan.
Meisher,bie danxin,Wuge pingchang lao lai zher,ni bushi xiang jinqi qiao ma,zanmen genzhe ta jiuneng jinqi.Yan saw through my mind.
Zou,zan jinqi,Wo jiuma shi libianer shouhuoyuan.Wuge said.
This is the first time I have entered such a magnificent shopping mall,The goods in it dazzled me.There were some foreigners in the selection of Cloisonne, which is a Beijing specialty that I have always been most interested in. My maternal grandfather had a Cloisonne vase at home, He told me that it was a pair, but later lost one in the period of Japanese occupation.
I had never seen the banknotes used by foreigners.My eyesight is very good, I saw Chinese characters Zhongguo Yinhang (the Bank of China) printed on them, I was very surprised, They are not the same as the RMB banknotes I used.
Bie luan chou,yaobu renjie yiwei women shi xiaotouer ne.Wuge said.
I turned quickly to leave the shop,Yan followed me.We went out of the door,Yan looked at me and laughed. I was sweating. I didn't dare to look at him and told him to go back to school as soon as possible.
Zanmen xian qu chifan ba,wo Ershu kaide fanguaner jiuzai nanbiar.Yan said.
I didn't feel hungry at all. I just wanted to go back to school or went home directly. After all, I had never left my family or school alone. This experience of more than one hour really made me feel very scared.
Wo meiyou qian he liangpiaoer,zanmen xianzai hui xuexiao haineng yiqi qu shitang chifan,ni yaoshi bu huiqu wo jiu ziji xian zou le.I can hardly hear myself.
Meishier,wo yiqian likai xuexiao yeshi xian lai wo Ershu zher chifan,buyao qian,ta zher benlai ye bushou liangpiaoer.
Buxing,Yan yingen,wo yao huiqu le,wo danxin laoshi faxian wo meiyou shangke hui tongzhi women xuexiao de,daoshihou women xuexiao laoshi hui gen wo ma shuo de.Ni yao shi bu huiqu,wo jiu ziji huiqu le.
Bie,wo gen ni yiqi huiqi hai bucheng ma,yihou keyi jingchang lai zher waner,ni buzhidao,zanmen ruguo mingnian haineng zai Shaoniangong xue hua shuicaihuaer,na zanmen de huaer jiu you keneng nadao zher lai maigei waiguoren ne.
I was shocked by this information,If my paintings can become a gift of our country, how glorious I am.I was more determined to learn painting, I hoped my teacher could choose me to study in Beijing Children's Palace every holiday.
On the way we back, my mind only thought that I had won the honor for drawing. I stood on the podium, wearing a bright Red Scarf, accompanied by the song of the Young Pioneers. I saluted the teachers and students.

Women shi Gongchanzhuyi jiebanren,
Jichen geming xianbei de guangrong chuantong,
Ai zuguo,Ai renmin,
Xianyan de honglingjin piaoyang zai qianxiong.
Bupa kunnan,bupa diren,
Wanqiang xuexi,jianjue douzheng,
Xiangzhe shengli yonggan qianjin,
Xiangzhe shengli yonggan qianjin qianjin,
Xiangzhe shengli yonggan qianjin,
Women shi Gongchanzhuyi jiebanren,
Yanzhe geming xianbei de guangrong lucheng,
Ai zuguo,Ai renmin,
Shaoxianduiyuan shi women jiaoao de mingcheng.
Shike zhunbei jianli gongxun,
Yao ba diren,xiaomie ganjing,
Weizhe lixiang yonggan qianjin,
Weizhe lixiang yonggan qianjin qianjin,
Weizhe lixiang yonggan qianjin,

The White Peacock on the Branch [3] / By 2020.06.30

Neidei hai nedou zou mat?A loud voice woke me up.
Oh Aasir, ngodei tausin kaalaaiOK hai nedou tau jathaa,ngo siudai fan zyu zo. Haazai answersed quickly.
I saw two policemen in green uniforms standing in front of us. Haazai pulled me up, pinched my palm and called for Adong, who was lying on the bench of the street park.I immediately pretended to want to vomit, and my mouth made some noises.Adong is really couldn't wake up and pushed the Haazai's arm away.
lok sanfanzing ceotlai,neidei nedi sailouzai mhou hok di guwaakzai singjat jausauhouhaan,ngukkei daaijan mzi gik daamsam.on of the policeman said.
Haazai took out his Identity card quickly andI lay on his body Pretending to be retch.He felt in my pocket and asked me aloud if I had my Identity card.I collapsed and lay on the ground.
Aai,syun sou,naa neidei nedi seoizai dimbaan.Hoenggong zanhai mou zo meiloi,tai gaucat zihau Gungcaandong laizo neidei dou jiu jap siugunso .The policemen left without looking back.
All units pay attention,all units pay attention, to a fight at the gate of Degoral,King's road, North Point. Some people were injured. Police officers nearby received support.please reply.Copy it, Sergeant nine five two seven and Constable nine six four eight five on the way.A voice came from the Interphone.
Kuaidian ba Adong taiqilai guan yidian sui,gancai la liangge cailou yao jianca limen di senfenjing.Haazai told me the scene just now in his unskilled Mandarin Putonghua. He didn't know In fact I could understand Cantonese.
Women bisui kuaidian likai zeli,jingca de duijiangji zai suo wangdi daijie faseng le dajia.wo kuoyi tingdong yingwen.I told him and picked up Adong to walk quietly to the shore in my memory.
Hao seilei ya,bukui xi daxueseng,ni yao xiaoxin yixia Adong de sangkou,Wo gangcai kanle yixia meiyou za jinqu,yinggai zisi cadao le yidian,buguo ta bei yin cong beihou za de yibangzi kesi buqing,Dongguanzai zeci xiasou ye taihen le.
Women zuihao gankuai fandao senzen, xilaowang de cuan neng song women dao Baisatou ma?Dao nali women jiu keyi he qita ren huihe le,zege xingqi yigong guolai le qige ren,mingtian huiqu haineng gansang xingqiyi xiawu de ke.I didn't use the roll tongue sound at all when I pronounce to him, Hongkonger can't discriminate which province I came from.
Dazhipeng gave our opportunity, every month or two,we went to Hong Kong to help people ZAA-FEI (fight) . We all met in the basketball court of Sun Yat sen University. We can get 300 RMB Yuan or more each time, Anyway, for the people of Hong Kong, we are more ruthless, and no one knew our origin. There had never been one Human accidents till these month.
Sun Yat sen University was the first volunteer of the first class of school I applied for in the College Entrance Examination, but I was not admitted because of the difference of 3 points. However, the first volunteer of the second class school I applied for was also a university in Guangzhou, so I still came to Guangdong Province, the place I yearned for since I was a child.
The year I came to Guangdong Province was the year when the supreme leader of China visited here and proposed to expand Reform and Opening-up. And I also had to leave because of many sudden changes in Beijing the previous year.This is the first time that I have ever come to the subtropical zone, and different plants are the first important influence.Different from other provinces, Guangdong has abolished the grain purchase restriction system, which makes the National Neneral Grain Coupon I brought with me, which is very precious in Beijing, is not used here at all.
There are many dialects in Guangdong that I couldn't understand at all. At that time, there were not many people from other provinces. Cantonese didn't like using Mandarin Chinese to others. Therefore, people from other provinces who just came here were very lonely.
My home in Beijing was also located in a university. The basketball court was the most popular place I'd been to since I was a middle school student. After I came to Guangzhou, I was also the first to go to play basketball, but I didn't like sports in front of people knew me, so I often went to Sun Yat sen University. It's only half an hour by bus from my university.
My university management was not strict, the absence of class couldnt be found by the professor, of course, most students still went to class. My two favorite places in the university were the library and the sports ground, and I was not interested in my professional courses in economics, because the most difficult mathematics and English were not a problem for me at all. In other professional courses, I could get more than three days before the examination to get qualified score.
My university was under the management of Guangdong Province, In order to get more funds from the National Ministry of Education, it only enrolled students from Beijing and Shanghai, the two most important cities in China. Each year, there were no more than 50 students, only one percent of the students in the whole university. Therefore, at the beginning, the students from other citys did not have more common language here, which was why I'd like to go to Sun Yat sen University. It was a key university in China. At that time, it was the best university in nearly ten provinces in southern China. It enrolled from all 30 provinces in China.
Another reason why I came to Guangdong is that I like Hong Kong's pop songs. When I was in Beijing, my classmates borrowed tapes from each other to listen to them. Moreover, many songs were not allowed to be sold and played publicly. In the sultry summer of 1989, we heard beyond songs for the first time under underground passage under the Jimen Bridge. So far, there is no substitute for that kind of shock.

gamtin ngo honje leoi hon syut piu gwo,
waaizoek laangkoek liu dik samwo piu jyunfong,
fungjyuleoi zeoigon,
mouleoi fanbatcing jingzung,
tinhunghoifut nei jyu ngo,
Howuibin/seoi mut zoi bin;
dosiuci jingzoek laangngaan jyu zaausiu,
cungmutjau fongheigwo samzung dik leisoeng,
jatcaatnaa fongfat,
joekjausosat dik gamggaau
batzibatgaau ji bindaam,
sam leoi oi/ seoi mingbaak ngo;
jyunloeng ngo ze jatsaang batgei fongzung oi zijau,
jaa wui paa jau jattin wui dit dou,
buihei liu leisoeng seoijan dou hoji,
naa wui paa jau jattin zi nei gung ngo;
jingjin zijau zingo,
wingjyun goucoeng ngo go zaupin cinlei.

(In memory of the 27th anniversary of Wong Ka Kui's death)

The White Peacock on the Branch [3] / By 2020.06.30

Seung Mi?Seong Min ssi neun bang e eopseumnida(was not in the room).I opened the door of the dormitory and said to Seung Mi, who was covered with rain.
She was crying and walked gently and sat down on the sofa.
jigeum na gaseo chat a bol ge yo,geu neun cheyukgwan eseo nong gu reul hae ya handa(I'm out looking for him now, He should be playing basketball in the gym this time).I picked up my raincoat and got ready to go out to find him.
deo isang na reul sok iji mara(Don't lie to me anymore).She had a hoarse voice.He was with Yokotani, and it wasn't first time. I didn't believe it when Sophia told me before.But Just now I saw them enter the motel and haven't come out for an hour.She looked up at me fiercely,neo neun geu ga mueot eul haet neun ji bunmyeonghi al go it eul geot ida(You must know exactly what he did).
uri harabeoji ireum euro neun(In the name of my grandfather).'i was also seriously looking at Seung Mi,na neun nega mal han geureon mal eul deul eo bon jeok i eopda(I've never heard of all that you said).
Lightning and thunder outside the window, the rainstorm is getting more and more serious. There was a sudden blackout in the room.Outside the hallway came the noise of talking and footsteps, and the students came out to wait for the power to be turned on early.
Ring,Ring,Ring...The phone rang.
I picked up the receiver and heard Kim's voice,He said that the rain was too heavy to come back tonight. He was in Jeong Dae Se's dormitory on the south campus. He slept with two Chousens tonight.Now, of course, I know it's a lie, and many times he came back late or didn't come back for a similar reason.
Seung Mi also heard the call because in the dark and silent, the voice of the phone was very clear, his voice was still very loud, very excited.
A flash of lightning lit up the room, and Sammy and I were staring at each other.I was a little at a loss, but in the instant darkness, I felt a warm and soft body had rushed into my arms.We hugged each other, my mind was blank, but I couldn't stop it.Our tongues are just entangled, sucking each other until we can't breathe, and we don't want to be separated from each other.
The lightning outside the window lit up the room from time to time, and the sound of thunder followed, but I didn't think about anything, just stroked and wiggled with her.Soon we rolled onto the sofa together, first she was on me, and then I had her under me.Maybe it's the reaction under my body that wakes her up, her face leans back to separate from my lips, and her arms push me away.I got up a little, unbuttoned her coat and pushed her sweater up. Her body is refusing, but these actions let me enhance the impulse of desire.Finally, I just hold her two breasts and rub touch them gently, she also gave up resistance, paralyzed down. I put my lips on her lips again. At first, she closed her mouth tightly, but it opened under the light lick of my tongue.Her two hands were also gently stroked in my back, my waist down against her, she is also gradually responding.
Mein Kopf bewegte sich allmählich unter ihr, ksste sanft ihre Brste, biss ihre Brustwarzen mit meiner Zunge, und sie ließ ein sanftes Stöhnen heraus.Meine Hände gleiten runter, lösen sanft die Knöpfe ihrer Hose, sie ist zu Gewebe gelähmt, meine Hand streichelt sanft das weiche Haar, sprt diese warmen feuchten......Ich stehe sanft auf, fhre ihre Hand in meine Hose, sie will zurck, aber ich bin sehr stur, lass sie die harte......Ich nahm sie in mein Bett. Wir hatten alle unsere Kleider ausgezogen. Zu dieser Zeit war der Strom wieder hergestellt worden. Ich zog die Vorhänge und drehte nur eine Lampe an. Wir sahen uns die Nacktheit des anderen an.Ich lag mit ihr in den Armen im Bett. Von Zeit zu Zeit streichelte ich verschiedene Positionen, aber zwang ihre Hand, nur in mir zu fhlen.Wir kssen uns die ganze Zeit.Ich drehte mich endlich um, um den letzten Schritt zu tun, und sie hielt mich auf.Reiben Sie mich mit den Händen hoch und runter, drcken Sie mich sanft zum Bett, liegen auf meinem Körper, ihr Kopf bewegt sich allmählich nach unten.Plötzlich fhlte ich eine Art beispielloser feuchter Wärme, die alle meine Dinge enthielt, sie beschleunigte allmählich den Aktionsbereich, ich konnte mein eigenes Stöhnen hören, ich wusste nicht, wo ich war......Es war meine erste Freilassung, und ich fhlte mich nie wieder so.
Jo Hyeok,uri bimil i ya(It's our secret).
Seung Mi,na neun nae ga kkum sok e itda go saenggakanda(I feel like I'm in a dream).
na neun jigeumkkaji nae mom eul geu e ge juji an at da geuraeseo geu wa geu ilbon yeoja aineun chimdae eol rat da neo wa neoui yeoja chin gu neun hangsang i bang eseo sarang haji an at da(I never give my body to him, so he goes to sleep with that Japanese girl, unlike you and your girl friend who always have sex in this room).
Oh,Its a shock,me too,I just stroked Eva's breasts on the outside of her clothes. I haven't seen her naked. She doesn't touch my nut. Sorry, I don't want to say these words in Hangugeo.
We hugged each other again in silence, gazing at each other, kissing gently, but my brother was no longer hard, her eyes were so pure, I no longer had a bit of blasphemy desire, did not want to have real sex.
Many years later, when we met again on the Internet, she asked me if I would regret it. I replied, I just regret that I didn't know you earlier. Otherwise, our destiny will change.
a li lang a li lang a la li yo,
a li lang go gae lo neo meo gan da,
na leul beo li go ga shi neun im meun,
shim ni do mot kka seo bal byeong nan da;
a li lang a li lang a la li yo,
a li lang go gae lo neo meo gan da,
cheong cheo na neu len byeol do man go,
wu li ne ga seu men kkum do man da;
a li lang a li lang a la li yo,
a li lang go gae lo neo meo gan da,
jeo gi jeo sa ni baek ttu sa ni la ji,
dong ji seot tta le do kkot man pin da.


Taihu China