Catalog of Andorra Definitive Stamp 安道尔普通邮票目录 2018.10.25

2014.02.03 Coat of Arms ES

2011.09.30 Coat of Arms of Andorra FR
2002 Coat of Arms ES

2002 Coat of Arms FR



1996。06.10 Sa Stamp Without Value of 1st Weight Class FR

1988 Coat of Arms FR
1983 The First Arms of Valleys of Andorra FR

1982.02.17 National arms ES

1961.06.17 National arms FR

1951.06.27 Airmail ES
1949.08.01 Express Stamp ES
1948.02.16 National Symbols ES

1944 New National arms FR

1936 National arms FR

1929.11.26 Express Stamp ES

Control Number on Back Side

1938 Without Control Number on Backside

1929 Castle ES

Control Numbers on Back Side P14 & P11½

Control Numbers on Back Side P11½


P10 (P10)

1935 Without Control Numbers on Backside P11½


Taihu China